APLA Officers

Elected Officers

To contact APLA officers, please email: APLA (at) politicalandlegalanthro (dot) org and include the relevant officer you’re seeking to reach in the subject line.


Erica Bornstein (2019-21)
Department of Anthropology
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Anu Sharma (2019-21)
Department of Anthropology
Wesleyan University


Kate Sullivan (2019-21)
Department of Anthropology
California State University, Los Angeles


Ilana Gershon (2019-21)
Department of Anthropology
Indiana University

Board Members At Large

Rebekah Park (2018-21)
Department of Anthropology
Marlboro College

Georgina Ramsay (2018-21)
Department of Anthropology
University of Delaware

Mark Schuller (2018-21)
Department of Anthropology
Northern Illinois University

Livia K. Stone (2018-21)
Department of Anthropology
Illinois State University

Matthew Canfield (2019-22)
Law, Politics, & Society
Drake University

Arzoo Osanloo (2019-22)
Middle East Center
University of Washington

Appointed Officers

Editors of Political and Legal Anthropology Review (PoLAR)

Jessica R. Greenberg
University of Illinois

Jessica Winegar
Northwestern University

Incoming PoLAR Editors (term begins AAA Meeting 2021)

       Georgina Ramsay, (21-24)
       Sindiso Mnisi Weeks, (21-24)

Book Review Editor

Leo Coleman
Department of Anthropology
Hunter College, CUNY

Associate Editor

Jennifer Curtis
Social Anthropology
University of Edinburgh

AN Contributing Editors

Gwen Burnyeat (20-22)

Melissa Maceyko (20-22)
California State University, Long Beach

Graduate Student Representatives

Aderayo Sanusi 
Princeton University

Rachel Stephens
University of Pennsylvania

Web Editor/Communications Liaison:

Randi Irwin
The University of Newcastle (Australia)

AAA Program Coordinators 2021
  1. Andrew Gilbert (20-21)
  2. Hayal Akarsu (20-21)
  3. Pablo Howard Seward Delaporte (20-21)

Events Committee 2021

  1. Matthew Canfield (chair)
  2. Erica Bornstein
  3. Ilana Gerson
  4. Deepa Das Acevedo

Graduate Student Paper Prize Committee 2021

  1. Anu Sharma (chair)
  2. Matthew Canfield
  3. Arzoo Osanloo
  4. Rebekah Park

Early Career Mentoring Committee 2021

  1. Joowon Park (chair)
  2. Simanti Dasgupta

Nominations Committee 2021

  1. Liv Stone (chair)
  2. Anu Sharma
  3. Georgina Ramsay

Book Prize in Critical Anthropology Committee 2021

  1. Georgina Ramsay (co-chair)
  2. Mark Schuller (co-chair)
  3. Katherine Lemons (2020 Honorable Mention)
  4. Ayse Parla (2020 Honorable Mention)
  5. Simanti Dasgupta