APLA Graduate Student Paper Prize Competition

The APLA Board invites individuals who are students in a graduate degree-granting program (including M.A., Ph.D., J.D., LL.M., S.J.D. etc.) to send papers centering the analysis of political and/or legal institutions and processes by July 31st.

Indeterminacy: A co-hosted spring conference

Registrations and submissions are now open! This year’s spring conference is committed to exploring the nature and dangers of indeterminacy. The time has come for indeterminacy to be interrogated, not least for the ways it prevents a rush to judgment, enables prurient behavior, and creates blind spots towards injustice. Yet if anthropology is to avoid retreating to a high moralizing stance…

Academic Hiring Rituals Podcast by APLA: Law School Hiring

This series on academic hiring for anthropologists asks academics in different countries with considerable experience on hiring committees how hiring works in their academic systems to enable applicants to navigate these different processes.

PoLAR Book Reviews Editor

Incoming Co-Editors of the Political and Legal Anthropology Review (PoLAR) journal, Sindiso Mnisi Weeks and Georgina Ramsay, are inviting…