Graduate Student Workshops at AAA 2012 San Francisco

Each year during the AAA meetings, APLA sponsors a series of special workshops in which small groups of graduate students and faculty convene around thematic conceptual, theoretical, and methodological issues.  These workshops offer an intimate mentorship context in which students can engage in intensive discussions regarding specific problems in their anthropological research and writing.   Each workshop is limited to 4-5 students, who meet with 2 faculty facilitators at a café or restaurant near the AAA conference hotel.

There are only a few spots left (as of 7 October 2012), so please see the full announcement if you are interested in applying, or learning more.

This year, the five workshops are:

1. After “Studying Up”: Anthropologists and Elites, 40 Years Later
Faculty facilitators:  Douglas Holmes, SUNY-Binghamton; Tess Lea, University of Sydney
2. Language and Linguistic Analysis in Political and Legal Anthropology
Faculty facilitators:  John Conley, University of North Carolina School of Law; TBD

3. Using Documents and Archives in Ethnographic Research
Faculty facilitators:  Jane K. Cowan, University of Sussex; Kregg Hetherington, Dalhousie University

4. Governance, Jurisdiction, and the Politics of Scale
Faculty facilitators:  Matthew Hull, University of Michigan; Annelise Riles, Cornell University

5. Law, Property, and Infrastructure
Faculty facilitators:  Julian Brash, Montclair State University; Rosemary Coombe, York University

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