ALLEGRA! A great web resource for Legal Anthropology

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APLA has recently heard from Allegra moderators Julie Billaud and Miia Halme-Tuomisaari about this great resource for legal anthropologists. Below you’ll find a description and link to their website. But please, don’t miss their ACADEMIC SLOW FOOD MANIFESTO !



What is ALLEGRA?

It is a virtual laboratory of legal anthropology (and stuff). The site pushes the boundaries of scholarly representations of ‘the law’ in the broadest sense. In addition to viewing the law as a site of normative engagement, we examine its knowledge pratices, authority claims, notions of subjectivity and agency. Jointly these features summarise central elements of the contemporary era as a whole.
We address the methods and aesthetics of scholarly work, and are particulaly interested in – and troubled by – the various ongoing challenges plaguing ‘genuine’ academic scholarship. We want to showcase twisted and bizarre samples of these features, and inspire more rigorous analytical discussions over their meaning.
Everything about this site is experimental. We welcome all texts, suggestions, and proposals for collaboration that push us to rethink the borders of conventional academic boxes. We encourage exchanges across disciplines and between scholars and artists. In addition to texts and pictures we interact with videos and live-streams.
We claim no publishing rights over material published on this site, and welcome content created for other contexts. Our primary aim is to facilitate the circulation of academic thought by increasingly connecting it to the aesthetics and flows of ongoing societal debates. This, we claim, offers scholarship renewed positions of relevance.
The section STUFF features fieldnotes, interviews, petitions, general observations and (slow) food for thought. PUBLICATIONS features reviews, classic texts and special issues. EVENTS enlists upcoming conferences and seminars, calls for papers, fellowships. SPACES offers links to relevant academic blogs, journals and networks. PEOPLE links you to scholars working in the field of legal anthropology.
We look forward to your contributions –  food for thought to be digested slowly….

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