APLA at LSA 2015

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Connect with APLA at the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting in Seattle, May 28-31. APLA members are active in the LSA, and in the Ethnography, Law & Society Collaborative Research Network. Below is a list of APLA members’ panels — if you are a member of APLA presenting at LSA, let us know and we will update the list. Contact jennifer.curtis@ed.ac.uk.

If you haven’t already joined the the Ethnography, Law & Society CRN, check out the CRN business meeting on Thursday, 5/28, from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM, Westin Seattle, Room: Adams. The CRN-sponsored panels are also listed below.

APLA Member Panels and Presentations

Note: only APLA members who provided information on their panels are listed below. You can browse the entire conference program here:



The Law of Context
Fri, 5/29: 9:30 AM – 11:15 AM
Westin Seattle
Room: Cascade 1C
Chair:  Anya Bernstein, SUNY Buffalo Law School
Discussant:  Justin Richland, University of Chicago

Andrea Ballestero, Rice University — Against Context: Law, Index Cards and the Making of Obligation

Anya Bernstein, SUNY Buffalo Law School  — Context in Statutory Interpretation: Courts, Agencies, and the Last Word

Brian Soucek, UC Davis School of Law — Contextual Equal Protection

Anthony O’Rourke, SUNY Buffalo Law School — Linguistic Vagueness and Institutional Context in Constitutional Law

Jessica Greenberg, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign —Pedagogies of Context: The European Court of Human Rights and the Limits to Sovereignty


Punitive Experiences of Civil Exclusion, Part I
Sat, 5/30: 2:45 PM – 4:30 PM
Westin Seattle
Room: Baker
Chair/Discussant:  Steve Herbert, University of Washington

Paul Passavant, Hobart and William Smith Colleges — Beyond Crime: Order Maintenance and Policing Protest

Lori Sexton, University of Missouri, Kansas City — Doing a Different Kind of Time: Subjective Punishment in Non-Penal Confinement for Sexually Violent Predators (Planned for session #3346)
[Non-Presenting Co-Author: Jennifer Sumner, California State University, Dominguez Hills]

Véronique Fortin, University of California, Irvine — The “Arrest” is the Punishment: How Montreal Deals with “Disturbances of the Peace” in Public Space

Joao Velloso, Université de Montréal — The Different Shapes of the Penal: Administrative Punitiveness and the Penalization of Protesters in Comparative Perspectives

Punitive Experiences of Civil Exclusion, Part II
Sat, 5/30: 4:45 PM – 6:30 PM
Westin Seattle
Room: Baker
Chair/Discussant:  Ingrid Eagly, UCLA School of Law

Keramet Reiter and Susan Coutin, University of California, Irvine — Crossing Borders and Criminalizing Identity: Deportation Policies and Supermax Prisons

Ruth Gomberg-Munoz, Loyola University Chicago  — El Castigo/The Punishment: U.S. Immigration Processing and Civil Exclusion of Undocumented Latinos

Robert Werth, Rice University — New Parole Technologies, Precautionary Penal Logics, and Administrative Decisions

Mario Barnes, University of California-Irvine — Of Little or No Concern?: The Racialized Consequences of Self-Defense Law Reform

Marie-Eve Sylvestre, Faculty of Law – University of Ottawa  — Our Administrative Criminal Law: Tickets, Conditions and the Management of Marginalized Populations Who Occupy Public Spaces in Canada
[Non-Presenting Co-Author(s): Céline Bellot, School of Social Work – Université de Montréal;

Nicholas Blomley, Simon Fraser University]

Unsettling Transparency: A Principle of Governance Reconsidered
Sat, 5/30: 4:45 PM – 6:30 PM
Westin Seattle
Room: Dlx Suite Parlor 2
Chair:  Kathryn Henne, University of Melbourne
Discussant:  Fiona Haines, University of Melbourne

Natasha Tusikov, University at Buffalo, SUNY — Transparency from Third Parties: Corporate Transparency Reports and the Disclosure of State Surveillance Programs

Kathryn Henne, University of Melbourne — Transparency Games: Illuminating the Challenges for Transparency in Global Sport Governance

Kyla Tienhaara, Australian National University  — Transparency in and of the Trans Pacific Partnership

Ethnography, Law & Society Collaborative Research Network Panels and Events


Ethnography, Law & Society Collaborative Research Network Business Meeting
Thu, 5/28: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Westin Seattle
Room: Adams


Law Matters: Legal Bodies, Practices, and Spaces
Fri, 5/29: 1:30 PM – 3:15 PM
Westin Seattle
Room: Pike
Chair:  Alyse Bertenthal, University of California – Irvine
Discussant:  Leo Coleman, Ohio State University

Christine Hegel-Cantarella, Western Connecticut State University — Materializing Law through Design
[Non-Presenting Co-Author(s):  Luke Cantarella, Pace University;George Marcus, University of California, Irvine]

David Jefferson, PIPRA, University of California, Davis — Posturing Yoga Before the 9th Circuit: Materializing Indian-ness in United States Copyright Law
[Non-Presenting Co-Author:  Allison Fish, University of California, Davis]

Lee Cabatingan, University of Chicago — The Qualia of Courtliness at the Caribbean Court of Justice: “Yes, we bow, but not too low”

Simanti Dasgupta, University of Dayton — The “Condemned” and the Condom: HIV-AIDS and the Emergence of Sex Workers’ Legal Rights Movement in Sonagachhi

The Place and Promise of Ethnography in Law & Society: A Roundtable
Fri, 5/29: 3:30 PM – 5:15 PM
Westin Seattle
Room: Pike

Tonya Brito, University of Wisconsin Law School

Sally Engle Merry, New York University

Calvin Morrill, University of California-Berkeley

Justin Richland, University of Chicago

Annelise Riles, Cornell University

Law Matters: Papers and Performances
Fri, 5/29: 5:30 PM – 7:15 PM
Westin Seattle
Room: Dlx Suite Parlor 4
Chair:  Alyse Bertenthal, University of California – Irvine
Discussant:  Hilary A. Soderland, University of Washington School of Law

Juliet Stumpf, Lewis and Clark Law School — Rethinking the “Law” in Immigration Law

Gavin Sullivan
, University of Amsterdam — The Law of the List: Global Emergency and the Politics of Transnational Law

Susan Coutin
, University of California, Irvine and Julie Mitchell, Loyola  — “Living Documents in Transnational Spaces of Migration between El Salvador and the United States”


(Non) Appropriations of the Legal Category of Discrimination: The Case of France
Sat, 5/30: 8:15 AM – 10:00 AM
Westin Seattle
Room: Elliott Bay Reception
Chair:  Anne Revillard, Sciences Po, OSC-LIEPP
Discussant:  Robin Stryker, University of Arizona

Laure Bereni, CNRS – French Centre for Scientific Research — “Nothing to Do With the Law”? Diversity Managers and Antidiscrimination Law in France and in the US

Abigail Saguy, UCLA Sociology — A Decade Behind? Legal and Corporate Approaches to Sexual Harassment in France Since 2002

Liora Israël, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris — How Lawyers Handle Anti-Discrimination Cases ? An Ethnographic Enquiry From the Cabinet to the Courtroom (and Its Hallways)

Mayanthi Fernando, University of California, Santa Cruz and Marwan Mohammed, CNRS Centre Maurice Halbwachs — Islamophobia and/in the Law: Problems and Strategies of Combatting Anti-Muslim Discrimination in France

Cecile Guillaume, Queen Mary University of London and Sophie Pochic, CNRS-EHESS — When Discrimination Litigation is Only One Option: The Case of Union Discrimination in the French Context
[Non-Presenting Co-Author: Vincent-Arnaud Chappe, CMH-CNRS]

Temporalities of Law
Sat, 5/30: 8:15 AM – 10:00 AM
Westin Seattle
Room: Baker
Chair:  Vibhuti Ramachandran, New York University
Discussant:  Arzoo Osanloo, University of Washington

Vibhuti Ramachandran, New York University — A Process of Uncertainty: Law, Prostitution and Arbitrary Temporalities in India

Johanna Romer, New York University — Arrest, Confinement, and Pause: Moments of Expansive Presence in Catalan Prisons

Ram Natarajan, Harvard University — Law and Closure: Argentina and Transitional Justice

Senem Kaptan, Rutgers University  — Time and Justice in Judging Memories of Violence

Neoliberalization, Legal Reconfigurations, and Future Making ( I )
Sat, 5/30: 8:15 AM – 10:00 AM
Westin Seattle
Room: Whidbey
Discussant:  Eve Darian-Smith, University of California Santa Barbara

Rashmee Singh, University of Waterloo  — Governing Crime through Community: Neoliberal Logics and Specialized Courts

Ilana Gershon, Indiana University — Mapping the Logic behind the Neoliberal Employment Contract

Allison Fish, University of California, Davis — Progress Through Everyday Experimental Practice: The Emerging Legal Consciousness of Intellectual Property and/in Yoga

Jothie Rajah, American Bar Foundation  — Reconfiguring ‘Rule of Law’: The World Justice Project and the Military

Neoliberalization, Legal Reconfigurations, and Future Making ( II )
Sat, 5/30: 10:15 AM – 12:00 PM
Westin Seattle
Room: Whidbey
Chair:  Robert Werth, Rice University
Discussant:  Amy Cohen, Ohio State University

Matthew Canfield, New York University, Department of Anthropology — Contested Publics and the Common Good: The Rise of Stakeholder Justice

Marie-Andree Jacob, Keele University  — Guardians of the Record: Editors’ Evaluation of Integrity and Misconduct

Sean Mallin, University of California, Irvine  — Problems with Private Property: Making Effective Owners in New Orleans

Jordana Wright, University of Toronto  — Weston 2021: The Changing Form of Suburban Regeneration Initiatives in Toronto

Neoliberalization, Legal Reconfigurations, and Future Making ( III )
Sat, 5/30: 4:45 PM – 6:30 PM
Westin Seattle
Room: Whidbey
Chair:  Robin Conley, Marshall University
Discussant:  Morag McDermont, University of Bristol Law School

Amanda Snellinger, University of Oxford — Bringing Marginalized Youth into the Official Economic Fold: Nepal’s Post-Conflict Neoliberal Agenda

Robin Conley, Marshall University — Juries in Mexico: Tracking the Implementation of a Democratic Institution

Naomi Rodriguez, Hobart and William Smith Colleges and Jason Rodriguez, Hobart and William Smith Colleges — Subcontracting the State: Humanitarianism and the Politics of Doing Good

Jessica Cooper, Princeton University — Trapped: Reluctant State Creep from Prison Cell to Psyche

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