AAA 2015 Preview: Early Career Mentoring Events

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The Association for Political and Legal Anthropology is committed to mentoring students and early career scholars.  At the 2015 AAA meetings, the section will be offering two Early Career mentoring events; these events are free and open to all conference attendees.  Please see the full event descriptions below.

APLA Early Career Mentoring Event: The Path to Publishing Your First Book
Friday, November 20
12:15 – 1:30pm (Agate, Hyatt Regency)
You’ve completed your dissertation and are now in the process of trying to turn your research into a book and get it published.  But navigating the world of academic publishing may feel daunting.  This workshop is designed to help new authors by bringing representatives from the University of California, University of Toronto, and Stanford University Presses, and Berghahn Books together to discuss book series pertinent to APLA members and the book proposal and review processes.  In addition, recently published APLA members will share their experiences of getting their first book accepted and to press.  This will be a short special event that may be particularly relevant to junior scholars and those early in their careers; participation is open to all. Participants should feel free to bring their lunch.

APLA Early Career Mentoring Event: Commitments: Using Time Wisely Early in Your Career
Thursday, November 19
7:45 – 9:15pm (Room 113, Colorado Convention Center)
How should early career scholars prioritize among competing claims on our time? Publishing, service, collaboration, and teaching opportunities can be rewarding, but also present challenges for balancing life and work, and gauging activities’ relative pay-offs.  Ilana Gershon (Indiana University), David Nugent (Emory University), and Shannon Speed (University of Texas at Austin) will share their perspectives and advice, followed by a discussion with attendees on how to make the right commitments, and when to say “no.”  This event may be particularly relevant to junior scholars and those early in their careers; participation is open to all.  Please join us!

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