AAA 2016: APLA Call for proposals

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.25.05 PMThe AAA 115th Annual Meeting theme is ‘Evidence, Accident, Discovery.’  This year’s theme is of particular interest to political and legal anthropologists. AAA’s call asks for panels that raise questions:

 “central to debates within both anthropology and politics in a neoliberal, climate-changing, social media-networked era: What counts as evidence? What does evidence count for? What are the underlying causes and foreseeability of violence and catastrophes? How is misfortune interpreted, and causality, attributed in cases of humanly-preventable harm? And in the give and take of relationships on which anthropological evidence typically depends, Who gets to claim that they discovered something?”

APLA seeks clear, cohesive, thoughtfully articulated collections that advance issues and debates from the full range of contemporary political and legal anthropology. Panels are selected based on the quality of their individual papers, their relevance to political and legal anthropology, and the coherence of the overall panel arrangement. We are open to creative and experimental ventures that take up political and legal issues in innovative ways and are committed to fostering collaborative dialogue across anthropological sub-disciplines. APLA also values engagement with applied fields. We recommend that submissions make the political and legal stakes of proposed panels and papers explicit.

If you want to connect with other APLA members to organize your panel, please contact APLA communications liaison, Sean Mallin at

Invited and volunteered sessions are due April 15. More information and guidelines for participation are available at the AAA website.


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