New Issue: Political and Legal Anthropology Review

Volume 39, Issue 1

Image Credit: kwest/
Image Credit: kwest/

The May 2016 issue of PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review (Volume 39, Issue 1) is now available. It features a symposium on Climate Change Transformations and 6 original articles. In their editorial introduction, Heath Cabot and William Garriott write:

We begin this issue with a symposium on a topic of urgent political, ecological, and anthropological interest entitled “Climate Transformations,” guest edited by Jerom
e Whitington. This innovative symposium offers methodological and theoretical approaches that further the conversation between science and technology studies, environmental anthropology and political and legal anthropology…. The symposium thus treats climate change not so much as an “event” or set of facts, but as a particular set of problematics that, as Whitington highlights in his introduction, put anthropology “at risk,” pulling researchers into often uncharted methodological and epistemic spheres.

The main body of our issue also contains pieces that bridge environmental anthropology and science studies with political and legal anthropology…. The other articles in this issue also deal with questions of (non)belonging within the overarching context of the nation state and also at local, regional, and municipal levels.

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What Does Climate Change Demand of Anthropology?
Jerome Whitington

Climate Politics in the Anthropocene and Environmentalism Beyond Nature and Culture in Brazilian Amazonia
David Rojas

What Is Carbon Dioxide? When Is Carbon Dioxide?
Gökçe Günel

Carbon as a Metric of the Human
Jerome Whitington

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