APLA On Demand

In addition to APLA’s livestream events at the 2020 AAA fall event, Raising Our Voices, APLA is sponsoring a number of on-demand events including podcasts, talks, and a virtual poster, which can all be accessed at your convenience. For more information on registering for the events and accessing these resources, please see the AAA website. A full list of the APLA’s on-demand events is available below:


‘Is America Breaking Apart?’ A Study of America Re-Visited Two Decades Later & Discussion with Author Charles Lindholm

Asylum for sale? Capitalism, migration and new refugee regimes

Security, Racial Capitalism & Militarized Global Apartheid

Naked Life, Social Life: A Conversation With Agamben about Pandemic & The Intensified State of Exception or Is There A New Notion Of The Social? A Conversation With Agamben about Pandemic, Naked Life & The Intensified State of Exception

“While You Were Sleeping,” the podcast that investigates cases of state violence and the human stories behind them// Episode on ‘The massacre in Senkata-Bolivia perpetrated in November of 2019’

Dreampolitik and Myth, A Conversation with Stephen Duncombe


COVID-19 and the continuities of place-based boundaries: The case of returnee-migrants of the former border enclaves in Cooch Behar

Negotiating Social Contracts in the Kinship State: Passionate and Paternalistic Dynamics of Child Custody Dispute Resolution the U.S. and Australia

Entangled Vulnerabilities, Counter-productive Interventions: Humanitarian Actors’ Engagement with Child Labor and Child Marriage among Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Beyond Hegemony: Laissez-Faire Discourses and (re)Invention of Market Myths

Virtual Poster:

Obscuring Structural Violence: Media Representation and Online Discourse of BLM in South Korea

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