The 2022 APLA Book Prize in Critical Anthropology

Books, W_90. CC BY-NC 2.0

The Association for Political and Legal Anthropology (APLA) is pleased to invite nominations for the 2022 APLA Book Prize in Critical Anthropology competition. The association will recognize work that best exemplifies creativity and rigor in the ethnographic exploration of politics, law, and/or their interstices. The 2022 APLA book prize will be awarded at the 2022 American Anthropological Association annual meeting in Seattle and will be reviewed in PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review. It also carries an award of $1,000. An honorable mention may be identified by the committee, if appropriate.


The Association will recognize work that best exemplifies creativity and rigor in the ethnographic exploration of politics, law, and/or their interstices. 

To be eligible for consideration, please ensure: 

  • Either single- or multi-authored books are eligible, however edited volumes, reference works, or second editions of previously published works are excluded from consideration;
  • The book must have been published during the year prior to the competition (2021) and may not have been published by other publishers in any form prior to this year.  
  • Books translated into English from another language are eligible for consideration.  In such cases, the year that the translation was published is considered the year of publication for purposes of eligibility;
  • Authors of nominated books must be members of APLA;
  • Authors of the book prize and honorable mention are expected to serve on the APLA Book Prize in Critical Anthropology committee the following year, circumstances permitting.


The Committee will evaluate eligible books based on whether they meet the following criteria:

  • ethnographically strong; advance theoretical insights related to political/legal anthropology; 
  • original and well-substantiated arguments; 
  • speak to compelling issues and problems beyond its geographic location/particular topic; 
  • well-written; 
  • and have the potential to be a major work in its field/s.

Nomination Process:

For consideration, authors or their publishers should submit the following form, then send a copy of the nominated book directly to each of the APLA Book Prize in Critical Anthropology committee members, whose details will be provided after filling out the formBooks must be received by April 1, 2022. If you have difficulties accessing the form, please contact

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