Resources for Ukrainian Scholars

APLA has compiled a list resources for Ukrainian scholars and students in an attempt to create a simple, accessible, and comprehensive list of support services and placements for those in need.

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (researchers) invites Ukrainian researchers who leave Ukraine and come to Sweden in 2022 to apply for grants to conduct their research here. 30 million SEK is allocated in the call “SSF individual grants for Ukrainian scientists 2022” which is aimed at Ukrainian citizens with a doctoral degree. The researcher must be employed by a Swedish university or a research institute during the project period. The researcher must conduct strategic research within SSF’s areas: Natural Science, Engineering and Medicine.

The Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Study is currently accepting applications for the Kone Visiting Scholars Program. Proposals should include the recommended researcher’s  Curriculum Vitae, List of Publications, and a Research Proposal (max. 3 pages), and they should be sent to collegium-recruitment [at] The deadline for proposals is April 1, 2022. The application requires a nomination letter and Elina Hartikainen has offered to assist potential applications in need of a nomination letter. More information on the program is available here.

Research Centre for East European Studies (FSO) at the University of Bremen is welcoming scholars from Ukraine and those who are at risk in Belarus and Russia due to resistance activities. They offer a small Hans Koschnick emergency scholarship (sufficient to live off modestly in Bremen) and a place to continue work. For those fleeing from Ukraine and working on topics related to our research profile, we can additionally apply for a grant from the VolkswagenFoundation (not related to the company). The grant would last for up to 12 months with monthly payments ranging from 1500 to 2600 Euros (depending on academic status and on whether you are accompanied by family members). As the grant will not be available immediately (and approval by the Foundation is not guaranteed), they can first offer the above mentioned transitionary Koschnick grant for a start in Bremen.

Science for Ukraine (for scholars, researchers, and students) has created a global map of a hundreds of sponsored research opportunities, degree programs, and scholars-in-residence programs for academics, PhD students, and potential MA students across a range of academic disciplines.

The Ukrainian Scholar Placement Database (for scholars, researchers, and students) is a Google Docs spreadsheet that lists placement opportunities for scholars and students. A separate tab in the spreadsheet offers a space for Ukrainian scholars seeking a placement to add their name and contact information. Viewers of the spreadsheet may comment to add opportunities and possible placements or to list themselves as a scholar in need.

Scholars at Risk (exclusively for those with a Phd) is able to help eligible scholars seeking short-term positions of refuge and can help arrange positions across a range of universities. For information on eligibility, the Scholars at Risk program, or to apply for assistance please see the Scholars at Risk website.

Aarhus Institute for Advanced Studies (exclusively for those with a Phd) has launched a fellowship program with 10-15 available fellowships for researchers who have been impacted by the war in Ukraine. Scholars will be hosted by AIAS and will receive a monthly salary for 6-12 months with the possibility of an extension. Applications are assessed on a rolling basis. More information on the AUFF-Ukraine research fellowships is available here.

The University of Pécs (exclusively for students) is offering study opportunities for refugee students in more than 100 programs offered in English and Hungarian. Refugee students may register (with an automatic application fee waiver) their interest and begin the application process here.

The Taube Center for Jewish Studies (exclusively for students) is able to provide assistance to students in need who meet the Center’s criteria. Students must be affiliated with a university, have a command of English, and must be pursing a doctorate in a Jewish Studies-related topic. Students and scholars should complete their application through

VanArts (students, potential students only) is offering 25, full tuition scholarswhips for students to complete one-year diplomas in a range of programs. The scholarship is for the spring 2022 intake round. The full list of diploma programs and information about the application process is available here. The programs begin March 14, 2022, but late admission is available until April 4th. Students may begin their studies online until they are able to travel to Canada.

Rutabaga writer has compiled a list of opportunities for Russian opposition scholars at risk. The list is updated frequently and includes initiatives for faculty and students.

Jobs for Ukraine (students and scholars) offers a wide range of employment opportunities for individuals, not all positions are academic. The list can be sorted geographically and between academic and industry positions.

The Scholar Rescue Fund at The Institute of International Education (must hold a PhD or highest degree in one’s field) accepts applications from professors, researchers, and public intellectuals who face threats and cannot continue their work in their home countries. You can find more information on IIE-SRF eligibility and application guidelines on their website.

If you have resources that you would like to add to this post please email Randi at Randi.Irwin [at] newcastle [dot] edu [au].

The featured image in the post is by Edgar Buk and is available for download and printing via Demokracja Ilustrowana.

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