APLA’s revamped online presence!

Construction Work
Photo by Gullevek.

As you might have noticed, our APLA website has a new design!
Just to remind you, our new address is: http://politicalandlegalanthro.org.

In response to suggestions and ideas from our membership, we are reorganizing our web content and news to be more user-friendly. This is a work in progress—but YOU can help make the site as useful as possible. We have two requests:
  • Please send us photos from your fieldwork, with permission to credit you and publish  on the site! 
  • Please send us syllabi and teaching materials to share with colleagues!
We want the site to be the best resource for political and legal anthropology. You can help. Send your ideas and resources to Andrea Ballestero (aballes@rice.edu), Jennifer Curtis (jennifer.curtis@ed.ac.uk) or Kate Henne (kathryn.henne@unimelb.edu.au). There are plenty of outlets to share your work, ideas and materials. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Thanks!

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