New PoLAR Virtual Edition on Immigration!

A new PoLAR virtual edition entitled “Immigration” has been compiled, with free online access to all articles until June. The new edition collects classic PoLAR articles that complement the APLA series, Speaking Truth to Justice: APLA/PoLAR Respond to the Trump Executive Order on Immigration, which responds to the Trump administration’s Executive Order 13769, barring U.S. entry to citizens of seven countries as well as legally recognized refugees. Curated by Heath Cabot and Jennifer Curtis, the series features commentaries from scholars working on the politics and law of borders and migration.

The fourteen articles that comprise this virtual edition provide theoretical and empirical insights into the experiences and challenges of immigration. The new virtual edition includes articles by: Sarah B. Horton, Naomi Glenn‐Levin Rodriguez, Carolina Kobelinsky, Heath Cabot, Daniel M. Goldstein, Donald Brenneis, Susan Bibler Coutin, Rebecca B. Galemba, Nicole Newendorp, Kristin Bergtora Sandvik, Colin Hoag, Tobias Kelly, Michelle McKinley, Phyllis Pease Chock.

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